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Here are some photos of the people who did the actual trail GIS.  

Frank2.jpg (69326 bytes)                                  BruceM2.jpg (51970 bytes)                                    Jerry2.jpg (58591 bytes)                                   MSilver2.jpg (23644 bytes)

Frank Floyd                                        Bruce Malone                                        Jerry Brown                                        Mark Silver


Frank is reigning NORBA Expert 50+ class mountain bike cross country champion for the State of Texas.  He also worked on the Colorado Trail project, and has completed the entire CT route.    

Bruce is a elementary school teacher in Carthage, Texas, and a Texas top 10 NORBA rider in the Expert  40+ division.

Jerry is the owner of Bear Creek Survey, and resides in Durango, Colorado.  He is a GPS and surveying consultant.    

Mark is the owner of Igage Mapping, and provided essential support to the mapping project.  He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Aloha2.jpg (49061 bytes)                                                           DesWAoffice2.jpg (60643 bytes)                                                        Heavenly2.jpg (43253 bytes)

Sunrise at Lake Aloha                              Downloading data in the backcountry                                   Above Heavenly  

Bruce_FlTr2.jpg (68698 bytes)                             Rider2.jpg (76397 bytes)                       DicksLk2.jpg (40555 bytes)                         TreesNtrail2.jpg (23943 bytes)

Flume Trail                                    Views!                                       Dick's Lake                                Tall timber

                                                                  View2.jpg (43508 bytes)                                        FrankDWA2.jpg (59188 bytes)

                                                               Above Tahoe City                                        Desolation WA

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