The Continental Divide Trail Mapping Project

 I began working for the Continental Divide Trail Alliance in June 2009.  The project is to map the entire 3100 miles long CDT over a period of three years.  The project entails hiking the route with multiple industry grade gps receivers to create new guides and maps for trail users, and to create a inventory of infrastructure along the trail for the CDTA and US Forest Service.  . 

Summers have been spent hiking the trail carrying multiple professional grade gps receivers.   Winters are spent producing maps and publishing them.

Progress so far:

June 2009                      Mapped 220 miles of the route in New Mexico, mostly in the Silver City area.  Also mapped most of the Malpais route near Grants.

July - October 2009        Completed mapping of the State of Colorado.

Winter 2009-10               Post-processed data and produced "Continental Divide ScenicTrail: Mapbook, Colorado" , a 130 page atlas of the Trail in Colorado.

Summer 2010                 Completed Mapping of New Mexico.  Mapped 2/3 of Montana.

Winter 2010 -11               Post Processed and produced "Continental Divide Scenic Trail: Mapbook, New Mexico" 

                                      Publication date: March 2011

June 2011                       Collected data for The Great Basin in WY

July - September 2011     Hiked and collected data for the unfinished 1/3 of Montana and finished Wyoming.  Entire trail is now mapped!!

Winter 2011 - 2012          Post-process and production in progress for Mapbooks for WY and MT/ID.

Feb 2012                        Wyoming and Montana Mapbooks completed!


To purchase this book go to:


To purchase this book go to:

For free set of Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming CDT Waypoints go to:  Waypoints

An article in "The Durango Herald" about the mapping project can be viewed here