Map Updates

Maps changes, trail changes, waypoint corrections, and re-alignments can be found on this page.  These changes will not always be field mapped yet so be aware the the depicted alignments may be inexact in places.



New Mexico Updates:

Map 04 Seg 01-02 Mi 20.0-1.5

Map 23 seg 07 mI 02.8 - 12.2

Map 102 Seg 29 Mi 06.0 - 15.5

New Mexico Alternates Updates:

Gila High Route      This is an alternative to the Gila River Route and is high above the river. (Collection of 4 maps)  

Colorado Updates:

Up to date 

Colorado Alternates Updates:

Great Divide Route - A San Juan Alternate to the San Juans     This is a collection of 20 maps.

Wyoming Updates:

Up to Date 

Montana / Idaho Updates:

Map 43 Seg 11 - 12 Mile 31.0 - 2.5    Details some new switchbacks south of Big Hole Pass.

 CDT Alternates Book

There is a significant trail change on the Anaconda Alternate Route  (7 Maps total) The change in location is on Map AN1, but mileages throughout
the route have changed by 7/10 mile, so here is the entire detour.  

Map AN1 M1 0.0 - 10.5 

Map AN2 Mi 10.3 - 17.5

Map AN3 Mi 17.5 - 24.0

Map AN4 Mi 24.0 - 30.0

Map AN5 Mi 30.0 - 37.0

Map AN6 Mi 37.0 - 44.5

Map AN7 Mi 44.5 - 52.0_


Colorado Trail:

 All recent changes are in the new 2016 Map Book 

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