Fort Wayne is a derelict fort on the Detroit River that was used as a induction center during the Vietnam war.  Military medical personnel at the fort processed an average of 425 people daily, primarily draftees, to determine their fitness for service. Tremendous pressure was placed by the selective service on induction centers to meet quotas and satisfy manpower demands of the war.  This led to systematic disregard of standards and specifications, and thousands of people with potentially life threatening conditions were drafted.   Several attempts by enlisted personnel stationed at Fort Wayne to force the military to follow it's own regulations regarding the examination process were ignored.  About 25% of the 60 or so people stationed at the post were members of somewhat clandestine anti-war group.  The group, all enlisted men, tried to look out for the rights and needs of the inductees, but could do little to change things.  These articles below detail my shot at it......

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The article that gets it going appears on the desks of every officer in Ft. Wayne when they come to work (5/14/70)......... 

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The Army is annoyed...

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Bad publicity abounds....

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Transfer #1 - Temporary Duty to Ft.  Benjamin Harrison, Indiana  (5/20/70)

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Army Investigation Admits Charges Are True.  40,000 inductees per year unfit for service. (7/18/70)

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Half serious attempt to start a new anti-war group at Ft. Benjamin Harrison results in a rapid return to Detroit  (7/20/1970)

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Back in Detroit - Immediately Ordered to Ft Jackson for overseas assignment.  Refuse the orders.  Begin hiding out with sympathizers in the Detroit area.

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The Army busts a local television station. (7/26/70)

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Bad idea - A federal judge steps in the next day.  (7/27/70)

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A Little Harassment Now And Then.   Finally The Army Gives Up....

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It takes a while.  At last, six months past the separation date, a honorable discharge is negotiated...

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The judgment is here...


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